About Me

10 Things about me

#1 Name - Birthday - Origin#

My name is Kevin Degila. I was born on March 19th 1997. I’m from Benin , West Africa

#2 Photo#

This photo was taken in Summer 2020. Maybe the only time I went out with Friends that summer (Covid 🙄). I had my mask on 😷. Only removed it for the photo. kevin degila photo

#3 Work Experience#

I’m a Customer Intelligence Supervisor at MTN BENIN , the leader in Telecommunications in Bénin. At MTN, I use my Data Science and Machine Learning skills to solve problems related to our customer’s satisfaction.

Before MTN, I spent 2 years as a Machine learning Engineer at Konta , a Fintech Startup based in Casablanca / Morocco. At Konta, I trained and put Machine Learning models in production to help our customers automatically extract information from invoices, making their workflow x10 more productive. I joined Konta, right after Graduation in 2019.

#4 What I’m good at#

Apart from Python programming, all things data science and ml related like data labelling, analysis ….. to ml in production, my most important skill is that I learn quickly and I’m a doer.

#5 Research Experience#

My research experience started when I was an undergraduate in 2018. I’ve created a system using SVMs to perform automatic diagnosis of vocal disorders based on recorded voice samples. This earned me the 4th place / 109 in the 2018 FEMH Voice Data Challenge and an improved system later in 2019 earned me the 1st place in the 2019 FEMH Voice Data Challenge

Here are the papers I’ve authored or co-authored so far:

#6 Teaching Experience#

I love Teaching and sharing things I’m learning. I’ve initiated and taught a small Data analysis with Python bootcamp in French, back in February 2021. It was online and I enjoyed it. I will definitely be doing another one soon. I’m also a Mentor at Openclassrooms, an EdTech company.

In Summer 2021, I taught a one week Data Science Summer school at IMSP Dangbo in BENIN. A great experience as well.

#7 Hobbies#

When I’m not reading something related to data science, habits or relationships, you can find me in front of the TV watching a barcelona football games, even if these days it’s hard to be a fan of that team. New activities I’m trying to turn into hobbies are Running and Cycling.

#8 The book I’ve read numerous time#

I’m a big Fan of Atomic habits by James Clear. I read his book every quarter to remind myself to focus on processes and not on goals. His tips are so simple and intuitive and that’s also what make them easy to forget.

#9 What am I up to now ?#

Last updated : May 09th 2022

  • Deep diving on every thing Transformers related

  • Creating content in bulk for my deep learning course

#10 Empty section#

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